Personal names and addresses

We have registered a number of personal names and addresses and these are offered for sale only. The market in these names has exceeded our expectations and our recent price average for the sale of personal names has been £325.00. Prices are rising rapidly as people realise the value of having their own personal email address (which will always be theirs) and also web site/page if required.

Once you have your personal name you simply divert your emails to that address– it takes seconds. For example, if you bought the domain name “” you would set up a diversion from your old address Fred.smith293@ to You will still receive all mail as before but have a more meaningful address. If you wanted to set up a personal web page or site you can do that easily.

The trade in personal email addresses is thriving. Indications are that it will reach the scale of the personalized car number plate market – there are millions of people in the UK but VERY few quality names. Be one of the early buyers and watch your asset appreciate in value.

Apart from the prestige and relevance that your own personal email address gives you, there are other advantages. You will have increased privacy and need only supply your address to selected friends. A new address should also reduce the ever-present threat of spam. Above all, your address is a permanent one and will stay with you even if you change your Internet Service Provider.

The names listed below range in price from £250.00. There are other less popular versions that we can access and we may be able to register a meaningful name for you for as little as £25.00. If you let us know we will come up with something to suit.

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