Domain name registration: If you wish to register and purchase a domain name of your own choice we will process this for you at a one-off inclusive price of £25.00. This includes full Email forwarding . Of course, the registration process depends upon the name being available.


Valuation service: Because of our experience in the area of domain name registration we have built up a system of valuing names. In what is an incredibly confusing market place, unrealistic prices are being sought. We apply established criteria to evaluation and advise you of a sensible offer price that will give you a real chance of making a sale.

Before suggesting a price we will consider factors like: the size of the potential market, the impact of the Email address, current known demand, previous sales, the number of similar names available. For example, how would you value the following: Scottishmortgage.co.uk, Glasgowmortgage.co.uk, Localmortgage.co.uk?

The market in domain names is “heating up” and there is a huge range of prices. Businesses and individuals are rapidly becoming aware of the benefits of having a good domain name and email address. Prices have risen substantially in the past year, especially for those names with generic and geographical qualities.

Our charge for an evaluation of a domain name is £25.00 inclusive.



Selling domain names for others: We are happy to advertise domain names on behalf of clients. There is no initial charge and we handle all communications with prospective buyers completely free of charge. Only in the event of a sale is there a flat-rate fee of £50.00.This covers all services including transfer of payment through a secure broker.

We deal only in dotco.uk names and will refuse those which are offensive, obscene or in bad taste.