NEW !!
Mailbox rental

We have recently introduced a new service. We will lease a mailbox at certain domain addresses at the very low rate of £26.00 + VAT per annum. For example, you could rent a mailbox at for a mere 50p per week. You select your identifier i.e. sales@, John@, management@ etc. and we set up a diversion to your current email address. This has considerable benefits. The address will give your business extra prestige. You may make your address your only one or use it for special customers/”mail shots” etc. Having a second meaningful and easily remembered address is of great assistance in defending against spam.

While you lease your mailbox from us it will be permanent and totally private. You can switch from BT, Yahoo. Hotmail etc. but you will still receive and send email from (as example)
For 50p per week try it out and see what an effective form of advertising this is. The price is fixed for 4 years. You can’t go wrong.

We are offering this service for a wide variety of names, personal as well as business. In some cases a name may be wanted for only a brief period of time – e.g. “”. Our aim is to build in a further degree of flexibility. If you are interested in a mailbox at a certain address please get in touch and we may be able to offer this service to you.