How it works

We deal only in names for the following simple reason. suffix is the established format in Britain. The vast majority of UK registrations are of the type.
Lease :  If you decide to lease a domain name from us you will have the exclusive use of that name for the period of your lease. We will open an account for you and set up full web and email diversion. For example, if you have a web site at and you decide to rent “” from us, all people keying in” will be taken directly to your established site. You will have full email diversion so that you will be able to receive and send messages at any number of addresses –, etc.

As an example of how a diversion works, key in  and you will be taken to this site – i.e. the Scotours Ltd. Site. We also send and receive emails directed to and from  It is a very easy and efficient system.

We act only as intermediaries and notify our chosen ISP of your diversion addresses and web site. Once your account is set up we have no further involvement in your operation. All enquiries and emails will go directly to your email address or web address. Neither our operators nor those of our ISP can access your site; your emails are also secure and private. Only if you instruct us to change your diversion addresses will we ask for access to our ISP’s files and make changes on your behalf.

The rental price is in the range of £50.00 to £150.00 per annum. This rate is fixed for a period of 4 years. This is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising that exists!! The lease premium for the first 2 years will be paid in advance and after that period the lessee has the option to withdraw from the contract by giving 2 months notice.

Sale:  Send us an email giving the name of the domain name that is of interest to you and we will reply stating if the name is available for sale and naming a price. If that price is acceptable to you we will proceed with the transfer operation

For further information please email us at or fax us at 0845 2257629 – or complete the query form